Now more than ever technology is moving at an exponential rate, and training for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Industrial Arts, and Mathematics) jobs can do the same. We are, and the solution is here. The Tesla Foundation has partnered with the City of Los Angeles and the Workforce Development Board along with the Community Colleges to offer low cost training in the “New Economy.”

It seems like every day there is a new “Update” to your smartphone, computer, or even your cars software…as a matter of fact there is! The speed of technology is outpacing traditional systems that we have been accustomed to. Now is the time to offer solutions to better train and educate our future and current workforce.

The Tesla Foundation is pushing the envelope of education and workforce development by introducing a ground breaking low cost training for Careers in Aerial Robotics. Robots have left the building and STEAM related jobs are the future of work.

The time for action is now. When the Department of Transportation authorized the FAA’s bid to integrate UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) into our National Air Space and Congress passed part 107, the new era of aviation began. This is the first stage, even before self-driving cars, where STEAM jobs are going to boom. Pilots, engineers, technicians, artists, business people, and endless numbers of applications are now becoming part of a new workforce and entrepreneurial era in automation.

This ground breaking program through the Tesla Foundation in partnership with the Los Angeles Community College District changes the way we think of training and workforce development. The fast moving and ever changing needs of business demand that training follow the “Speed of Technology,” and the Tesla Foundation is offering at West Los Angeles College this Friday July 21th, 2017 one of the first “Pro Drone Pilot’s Training” in the Nation at a Community College for a low cost. Our workforce is ready and willing to move to high paying jobs in “Tech” and being a Drone Pilot is one of these high demand careers. This class will be expanding throughout Southern California and will be available at other Community Colleges at a low cost in the coming months.

This is a dynamic Drone Commercial Pilot training course that prepares the student drone enthusiast to be a certified remote UAS Commercial Pilot who can legally fly a drone for profit. In three days the student will learn all of the components of the FAA Chapter 14 Part 107 regulation for certification to become a licensed drone pilot. In this course the student will log their first hours of flight under the direction of a licensed UAS-Drone instructor. In preparation of the FAA UAS Exam the student will complete the course by taking a practice final test and flight exam.

At a fraction of the cost of current 3 Day Professional Drone Pilot Training  $999.00 is a 60% Discount. This class is supplemented by the generous support of the Tesla Foundation and it’s commitment to the transition of our future and current workforce to the “Autonomous Age.”

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The Mission of the Foundation

The Tesla Foundation is a Science and Technology Think Tank specializing in “All Things Autonomous” and the transition to the 4th Stage of the Industrial Revolution. Just as our workforce migrated from “Farm to Factory” we are now seeing a similar process taking place from “Factory to Autonomous Applications.” Robots have left the building, our students, educators, and workforce must be educated and transitioned to live and thrive in a hyper-connected virtual and robotic labor force. This is the mission and purpose of the Tesla Foundation, to move at the pace of technology with science, creativity, value, integrity, trust, and urgency to foster a better today and tomorrow.