The Tesla Technology Farm System

The Tesla Foundation has created the first STEM Farm System that is based on the very successful model that is used in professional sports. At a very young age potential sports superstars are identified and mentored by team owners, we believe that this same process is essential for the development of our future science, technology, engineering, industrial arts, and mathematics superstars.

The Tesla Technology Farm System (TTFS) is managed using Enterprise Cloud Based Applications, Big Data, and Relational Data Predictive Modeling to create applicant opportunity outcome matching at the highest levels. This assures the reach and productivity of the Farm System is maximized to its full potential continually for the users, and that the iterative cycles needed in technology to stay “current” are always met.

The TTFS has two very clear directives: the first is to provide STEM talent with opportunity regardless of sex, race, or socio-economic circumstances. The second is to match early stage investors and companies to the talent. This system is very successful in professional sports and can be replicated for STEM.


Problem/Solution Scenario:

Problem Example 1: Company X is in need of talent in STEM and at their recent job fair 4000 applicants showed, Company X hired 8. All the applicants had the correct education, yet all but 8 lacked any real world experience or internships related to Company X’s needs.

Problem Example 2: Early Stage Investors need to identify vetted opportunities but there isn’t a unifying depository or system to provide this data or a system to create valuable assets.

Solution: With the Tesla Technology Farm System Company X or the Early Stage Investor can identify, assist, and mentor talent starting at a young age from any level in the education system in the same manner the professional sports farm system would thus increasing the chance of a favorable outcome. Let’s take a moment to use this scenario to identify the relationship between age, a successful environment of mentorship, and potential:

Successful Sports Farm System Outcome: Kobe Bryant is drafted to the NBA age 17  

Successful STEM Education Outcome:  Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning create Napster age 19


The talent needs opportunity and community to reach full potential, the TTFS through its Cloud Based Enterprise Application (web and mobile application access)  will match the entire STEM ecosystem in a regional area to the talent. There are many schools, clubs, contests, and organizations that are for STEM but they are fragmented, not by choice, but because until now there hasn’t been a unifying solution to foster the associations. By registering in the TTFS application and unifying these wonderful yet fragmented STEM support mechanisms, the talent and the entire STEM education and development ecosystem will benefit.

The application will allow talent, schools, organizations, investors, and companies to create a secure profile, as cybersecurity and privacy are paramount to the success and the safety of all participants.

Application Scenario:

  • TTFS application allows talent, schools, organizations, investors, and companies to create a secure profile *cybersecurity and privacy are paramount to the success and the safety of all participants.
  • TTFS application creates matchmaking recommendations.
  • Secure Communication with talent and opportunities
  • All progress is tracked in the TTFS application over time.
  • Inventory is generated at all stages of talent development – student to early stage entrepreneur/intrapeneur
  • Complete marketing campaign designed for acquisition of all needed data assets for the TTFS
  • Continuing iteration cycles to constantly improve the TTFS Application


  • 1st iteration is already being implemented regionally in Southern California
  • 2nd iteration all of California – Year Two
  • 3rd iteration National Release – Year Three

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The Tesla Foundation Innovation Initiatives 

The Tesla Foundation is working closely with our partners and supporters, educational institutions, and government and industry to offer an independent non-profit research and education think tank. This for inventors and innovators creates a framework to work together with industry and capital to commercialize human capital, products and services, and commerce. The creation of inventions and innovations will include technology transfer managed by the foundation and it’s parters with highest security for our inventors and innovators to work together at an enterprise level that provides a secure transfer of innovation and technology to industry.

The Tesla Foundation is encouraging corporations and interested parties to sponsor, and or subscribe in one of the following Tesla Innovation Initiatives. All initiatives are housed in a virtual or physical laboratory setting:

  • Autonomous Machines (UAVs, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence)
  • The Internet of Things
  • Big Data, Cyber Security, and Privacy
  • The Connected Car
  • The Connected Building
  • Media Applications in Technology for Commercial Integration
  • Applications for Innovation Lab Residencies
  • Education Lab
  • Co-Working Lab



The Tesla Foundation Index

A web based non-profit enterprise level software service for inventors and innovators to list their ideas, their innovations, their provisional patent abstracts, and patent abstracts. From this listing, American Industry and Capital can identify opportunities to commercialize.


  • Creates an enterprise level software platform to assists inventors and innovators in creating the necessary best practice and legal requirements to list their work on the index for industry and capital to reference.
  • Creates a national index through an enterprise level software platform for industry and capital to subscribe to and reference in the search for inventions and innovation relevant to specific criteria and commercial goals.
  • Streamlines the process of linking inventors and innovators to industry and capital reducing costs and time needed to create jobs and companies for America.


The Tesla Foundation Awards and Summits Series  

The Tesla Foundation has established a series of non-profit live audience programs designed to be informative and entertaining. The “Invention and Innovation Series Events” are held twice a year with an eclectic group of successful Inventors and Innovators who are leaders in each of their fields of expertise. Twice a year the Tesla Inventors and Innovators Series presents the work and success of an individual presenting his or her Inventions and Innovations in the Arts, Sciences and Engineering.

In March of this year Linden Blue was the recipient of the award for “Innovation in Aeronautics and Energy”. This red carpet event was held at the private air museum of General Lyon at the John Wayne Airport.

This successful event was supported by notable individuals in support of the Tesla Foundation and of Mr. Blue.  Such individuals of mention are; Former Joint Chief of Staff General Pace, the longest standing Head Administrator of NASA Daniel Goldin, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and many wonderful and intelligent members of the community.

Please contact us to become involved at: