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What We’re All About

We have crossed the threshold and have entered the 4th Stage of the Industrial Revolution, the “Autonomous Age”. This transition disrupts the methodologies and processes of our commercial and private lives in almost every way.

With the application of Cyber Physical Systems connected by the Internet of Things (IoT) public institutions, private companies, and individuals find themselves disrupted in new and challenging ways never before experienced.  The Tesla Foundation addresses these challenges as a think tank and as an education and workforce development force creating solutions for public and private entities.

We believe by enabling access to STEAM educational methodologies to all (science, technology, engineering, industrial arts, and mathematics) and workforce development opportunities needed in this transition, new jobs and new job creators will be found in all walks of american life. The underserved are what we like to re-phrase as the under utilized, a wealth of talent and creative ideas and energy that is the engine of positive change for our country and economy.

*Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is a collective term embracing a number of contemporary automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. It had been defined as a collective term for technologies and concepts of value chain organization’ which draws together Cyber-Physical Systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services.

Our Mission:

1465450742The Tesla Foundation is a non-for-profit science and technology Think Tank for The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Architect of Americas Technology Farm System.

What We Provide:

To make this transition responsive and to adapt to any market demand incredibly quickly and with super flexibility – This is our mission; to make sure this is a reality for America through our non profit efforts, and partnerships with industry, and public entities.

The Tesla Foundation’s Think Tank provides the highest level of research and analysis possible to assist public and private entities of all kinds understand to opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0, and to implement these opportunities for the betterment of all mankind.

How We Work:

When innovators and capital are managed with intelligence and responsibility great things happen. Mankind is improved with responsible technology transfer and great wealth is created for many. The Foundation through its non profit efforts creates the research and education to create efficient systems to make this possible.



  The mastery of invention and innovation is born from creative thought, and this process is as individual as each of us. The adage that, “Invention is the mother of necessity” rings true in our lives in America as we are all from other places. Through Archeological research it was concluded that the culture of big game hunters crossed the Bering Strait creating the American Indian cultures. Invention and innovation is in the DNA of these Americans, simply, it was the choice between life and death.


  The founders of the Tesla Foundation believe there is a process for technology transfer that creates jobs and companies in America, for America, with more efficiently, our nation will prosper with new jobs and commerce not seen since the industrial Age. It is the responsibility of those of us with the ways and means to safely and ethically integrate all technology for the betterment of mankind. This is what the Foundation has created, and will continue to have as it’s primary mission.



A timeline of the Foundation:

2014 – The Foundation is Created:

The Foundation was created with the Advisory Board Members comprising of:

  • Daniel Golden – former Director of NASA and the creator of the Space Shuttle program,
  • Linden Blue – Partner and Vice Chairman of General Atomics and creator of the MQ 9 UAS program for the US Air Force
  • Fredrick Smith – Founder of Federal Express – FedEx
  • Co-Founder/CEO Tesla Foundation Keith Kaplan – Technologist, Computer Scientist, Creative, Founder of KKMedia Inc., Former Creative and Technology Director at Creative Couch, and Co-Founder of the Tesla Foundation.

On March 15th The Tesla Foundation held their Inaugural Event with the presentation of the Tesla Award for Innovation at General Lyons Private Air Museum at John Wayne Airport. In attendance were General Pace – Former Chief of Staff for the US Armed Forces, Congressman and Senators, Irwin Jacobs – Founder of Qualcomm, Daniel Golden Former Director of NASA, and many more. To say the least, it was a success. 

The Tesla Foundation Joins University of California Berkeley and the State of California on the FAA UAS COE Bid

  • In May of 2014 the FAA held a meeting in Virginia on the proposed integration of UAS into the NAS, the Tesla Foundation was part of the California Delegation.
  • Tesla Foundation meets with California FAA COE Stakeholders in Sacramento at the California Governor’s Roundtable and forms a partnership with the Governor’s Office of Business Development “GOBIZ”.
  • August 27, 2014, Tesla Foundation enters into a formal agreement with UC Berkeley-University of Maryland co-led consortia, which also includes Stanford, UCSD, MIT, and Virginia Tech 

June 2014 – Tesla Foundation Creates First UAV Curricula for At-Risk Youth

  • The Tesla Foundation and Learn4Life Charter Schools of California create the first UAV and entrepreneur CTE courses for at-risk youth.

July 2014 – Tesla Foundation Incubates the Unmanned Autonomous Systems Association, the UAVSA

  • The Tesla Foundation Creates the Worlds First solely focused Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Association, the UAVSA – website:

December 2014 – First UAVSA Drone Expo

2015 – The Work Continues

  • The Tesla Foundation travels to Abu Dhabi to promote sUAS integration globally
    • High-level meeting with leaders of international companies and governments
  • The Tesla Foundation and the UAVSA Complete the 333 Exemption and COA for USC – University of Southern California
  • The Tesla Foundation and the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) form a partnership to promote sUAS in the region
    • Aerospace is our lives blood in the region, Hollywood gets the press but our region must recapture the imagination of the world in aerospace and aviation.
  • UAVSA and Learn for Life at the First Los Angeles County Air Show – over 100,000 attend
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and Experimental Aircraft Association Create Drone Alliance
    • AOPA and EAA work with the Tesla Foundation and UAVSA to bring sUAS to the general aviation community
  • Tesla Foundation and UAVSA at Airventure 2015
    • Tesla Foundation and UAVSA participate and meet with aviation leaders at Airventure 2015, one the largest airshows in the world and the largest “flying” airshow in the world.
  • The Tesla Foundation creates STEM initiative with Aerospace Corporation
    • Sylvia Kohn-Rich of the Aerospace Corporation begins working with The Tesla Foundation on STEM initiatives focused on sUAS
  • The Tesla Foundation and the Los Angeles Community College District begin a partnership to promote Technology and sUAS education
    • Under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Dr. Felicito Cajayon, the Tesla Foundation and the District are reshaping the conversation around workforce development education in STEM
    • TF and LAEDC partner on the 2016 NexTrend STEM Expo “Realm of Drones” to be held in June 2016
    • West Los Angeles College and TF create an agreement to create the first “Tesla School of Technology” at the campus with the first courses focused on sUAS and entrepreneurship.
  • Tesla Foundation, UAVSA creates first “Drone PitchFest” at IDE 2016

2016 – Tesla Foundation the Work Continues

  • The Tesla Foundation enters into agreement with the Southern California Marine Institute
    • The Tesla Foundation is working hand in hand with SCMI to create sUAS to be placed aboard the SCMI research seagoing vessels.
    • *see Link:
  • The Tesla Foundation partners with PortTech
    • TF and PortTech have greened to partner to create sUAS Technologies for the Port of LA and related transportation technologies.
    • *see link:
  • The Tesla Foundation joins LDJ Capital of Wall Street
    • Keith Kaplan, Co-Founder, and CEO of The Tesla Foundation has joined our directors at LDJ Capital. He represented LDJ Capital interest at the Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last January 2015 – LDJ Capital is composed of LDJ Capital Group, LDJ Real Estate Group, and The Soho Loft Media Group. LDJ Capital Group is a family office that globally manages resources and investments, not only on its own but, of its clients. It has 3 firms – LDJ Venture Capital, Victoria Partners, and The Soho Loft Accelerator. On the other hand, LDJ Real Estate Group is involved in real estate Acquisitions, Developments, and Hospitality. The Soho Loft Media Group is a global financial media company with 3 divisions, namely Times Impact Publications, The Soho Loft Conferences and Victoria Global.
    • *see link:
  • The Tesla Foundation Partners with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom on UAS Test Site bid for California.
  • Sinclair College School of Aviation, founded by Orville Wright in 1907 partners with the Tesla Foundation to distribute and create sUAS CTE and College education curricula.
  • The Tesla Foundation is named moderator at the LAEDC Annual Economic Forecast – Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 *see link:
  • The Tesla Foundation Completes the MOU with the San Bernardino Community College District to create a Tesla Technology Academy and integrate UAS education into the SBCCD’s Aviation School
  • The Tesla Foundation completes an MOU with the San Bernardino International Airport to form the first Commercial Drone Research Center
  • The Tesla Foundation completes an MOU with the Wilmington Ohio Airpark Airport to form the first Commercial Drone Research Center hub in cooperation with the San Bernardino International Airport
  • NEXTREND 2016 STEM and Robotics Expo and Conference in Logistics – The Tesla Foundation partners with the Los Angeles Community College District, the San Bernardino Community College District, the San Bernardino EDCT Foundation, and the San Bernardino International Airport to produce A STEM and Robotics Expo and Conference focused on Logistics and transition from the 3rd Stage to the 4th Stage of the Industrial Revolution, the “Autonomous Age.”
  • The Tesla Foundation responds to the JEDE Request for Information (RFI) on the issue of diversity within technology-based industries.  The RFI is supported by the California Latino Legislative Caucus, the California Legislative Black Caucus, California Legislative Women’s Caucus, and Asian & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus.
  • IDRA and the Tesla Foundation Present to Congress on UAS STEM Education. International Drone Racing Association and the Tesla Foundation launch the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) STEM Alliance.
    *see link: UAS STEM Alliance
  • Tesla Foundation speaks about technology education and jobs at the Annual California Rural Counties Conference. This talk focused on the need for workforce development in UAS technologies and the opportunity for new job creation in aerial robotics.
    *see link: RCRC Annual Conference

2017 – Tesla Foundation the Work Continues

  • Tesla Brings Unmanned Aerial Systems Training to East Los Angeles College – East Los Angeles College (ELAC), in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board (WDB) and the Tesla Foundation, has designed the first-ever Training and Internship Partnership model focused on the emerging technology field of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Through this new program, ELAC students will be trained on available applications for UAS including cinematography, photography, real estate, security, emergency response, agriculture, oil & gas, mining, construction, surveying, UAS programming, and maintenance. The City of Los Angeles WDB funded the program with a $300,000 grant from its Innovation & Sector-Based Training resources.
    *see link: Tesla Foundation and ELACC
  • Tesla Foundation, Police Athletics League, And Team Swish Teach Innovation And Leadership To Kids In East Cleveland and Flint Michigan
    – According to the Tesla Foundation and the National Police Athletic League, much American youth lack access to an aggressive educational program focused on Leadership, Values, and Innovation that enable them to craft a powerful vision for their own future and that of their communities. The problem is especially acute in America’s most underserved, at-risk, and least upwardly mobile communities.To tackle this problem, the Police Athletic League (PAL) Chapter in East Cleveland is participating in a Tesla Foundation Pilot Program over the next five Saturdays, with forty-five 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students. A similar program will be piloted in Flint, Michigan, on Sundays.
    *see link: Tesla Foundation and PAL
  • Tesla Foundation forges an innovative and first of it’s kind

2018 – Tesla Foundation the Work Continues

  • Tesla Foundation,