Imagine being in a private room with some of the smartest and richest people in the world, talking about space and the future of technology, and you could ask them anything? Well, it happened last Wednesday in a small private room in NYC. There are those moments in time that set the stage for things to come and last Wednesday was one of them. This small gathering sets in motion the beginning of a shift in how we think about investment and how we create opportunities.

We are at a moment in history were we are transitioning from the 3rd Stage of the Industrial Revolution to the 4th, From the crescendo of the “Information Age” to the “Autonomous Age.” Cyber-Physical Systems are being created everywhere, from Robotic Space Craft and Drones in the sky, to self driving cars next to you on the highway, we are transforming the physical systems of our lives.

Imagine traveling into space and arriving on the other side of the world in only a few hours. Space tourism is becoming a reality and is only possible because of the incredible advancements in Artificial Intelligence to pilot these space craft. Every area of logistics is going to in some way in the next 20 years be disrupted, and the opportunities for early stage investment in the talent and entrepreneurs that create new companies is as good as it has ever been, maybe even better.

The evenings presenters included; Howard Cooper, Chairman of the Board on Family Offices, Endowments and Foundations at Princeton University, Chairman of the Yale University College of Family Offices – Physics Professor David E. Kaplan, John Hopkins University – Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy Charles L. Bennett, Johns […]