The Mission of the Foundation:

The Tesla Foundation is a non-for-profit Science and Technology Foundation that is committed through the power of research and education to create, promote, and protect American Jobs and Companies with innovation and the steps needed for commercialization.

It is the responsibility of those that can shape our future to integrate all technology in a safe and ethical manner for all of humankind.

The Tesla Foundation accomplishes its non-profit goals utilizing the combined efforts of, research, education, software and high level educational events and summits.


Connecting Talent and Ideas to Commercialization

To make technology creation and transfer responsive and to adapt to any market demand incredibly quickly and with super flexibility. Our mission is to make sure this is a reality for America.


Invention and Innovation = Prosperity for America

Our great nation is and can continue to be the engine of our global innovations and commercializations. We as Americans can and will continue to be the melting pot that moves mankind forward.

Innovation + Commercialization = Great Ideas

When innovators and capital are managed with intelligence and responsibility great things happen. Mankind is improved with responsible technology transfer and great wealth is created for many.

Friends and Supporters


American Innovation and Commercialization are the engines of Global Commerce. We encourage you to become involved and help shape the future of mankind.

Below is a one minute teaser of the Inaugural Tesla Innovation Awards Series with Linden Blue of General Atomics.